Biljana Djurdjevic

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The last days of Santa Claus, 2004, by Biljana Djurdjevic


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  • Tams

    ok to all of you who are strangely taking time out to comment about this pic… do you really like stirring up -that- much drama… Kudos to the person who called you all on your spelling. But allow me to add a dose of reality ok. I was cruising the internet with my son looking for pictures of Santa, this is one of the pics we found. My son, who is 4, didn’t even notice it on the Google images page! And honestly, this kid see’s everything. Honestly, parents, why let your children search the web without your guidance, for one. For two, any kid who see’s this and has their idea of Christmas and Santa ruined, can honestly blame it on an adult who wasn’t doing their job. I mean hell, instead of wasting your time, -and- others, just pass the image by, shake your head if it bothers you, but don’t be a jerk. It’s art! And you know the best part about art? It’s subjective! Meaning you are entitled to feel however you want about it, but that doesn’t take the fact that the artist has every right to make it, away. Seriously, people get over yourselves, its just a picture, a well done picture at that. Disturbing, yes, but well done none the less. That, is all.

  • AliennoisE

    Interesting, environment the drapes in back, color and illustration type painting its all magnificent. But I think the main artistic epicenter of this painting is that there are so many reactions of people showing how stupid and narrow minded, and they are a part of this art peace. Bravo, you have all played well.

  • peter

    Alexa is RETARD!

  • bo

    Exactly….Santa Claus is just one of the myths consumer society made up, in order to make the reality pink. He is finally dead, now. The kids shouldn’t be lobotomized any more. The work is very good, but I found her latest work much better.

  • igor


  • igor


  • fercyta

    you are berry stupid because santa is like gat an please respect the taditions of people

  • Elina Grethen

    ITS GREAT! people who are against – just haven`t sense of humour

  • Terry LaRue

    He’s not dead,he’s Stoned.Get over it.Only in

  • kody

    i dont think anyone has the right to talk shit about this because just bein judgemental is the reason people are the way they are

  • Jordan Barrett

    Cool wat next?

  • mercedes

    hm.. not much to say about it i read through others comments and i agree with the mean ones, but yet if a little kid did see it, it just looks like santa had too many milk and cookies and is sleeping lol its not so bad if you’re a kid and see it, and dont take kids forgranted there not stupid i think they’d assume the real santa wasnt dead and that this is just a picture of him, i dont like it still cuz i know what its supposed to be a picture of but dont pass judgement its just a picture the only reason im passin judgement is because i want everyone to know that this isnt as bad as it seems.
    happy holidays

  • Endless Void

    LOL this is ART.
    some people just can’t stand it or Understand it lol
    some of the comment are so funny lol

  • alex

    eres un maldito enfermo mental por hacer este tipo de post dios maldito enfermo que mente la tuya

  • santa aka david inkey

    a gift for santa?

    i want to live in a world where the past tense, the present tense,
    and the future tense–all avoid pre-tense.
    i want to live in a world where the future protects the past…
    and, where, without question or doubt, the past protects the future…
    this may be the greatest present we may ask for.

    i want all of the best dreams of all ages to be the “ourstory” of the future.
    i want all the horrors of all our pasts to be forgiven,
    miscellaneous errors of ignorance……………….
    miserably multiplied by unmitigated arrogance.

    i want to live in a world where no child will ever ask why did you save my life?

    i do not want to live in a world where children ask us,
    the well-fed, the educated, the healthy, the rich, the powerful,
    “innocent questions” for which i have no innocent answers.

  • WhatNext

    Santa is not dead i see him in the mall every day with kids in is lap.

  • Freedom

    Love the picture and I have to thank everyone for the laughs as I was reading your replies. Have a great
    “Christmas without santa”

  • strangling

    hahahahahaha that is so funny why doesn’t anybody think that is funny

  • Christians suck

    U guys are jus bullshittin bout some idiot hu u know doesn exist… gays… to those who made this- gud work…

  • malinacailean

    anyways there are so many other Santa left, and this one eas one of the lazyest

  • sebastian

    if people have learn, what “Santa” was trying to teach, (Santa fiction character) it doesn’t matter if he die, everyone die eventually.

  • claude

    the reactions on your image are allmost better than the drawing itself, gorgious love it!!!!!

  • santafucker

    That is too funny!

  • santa’s fag

    this i a very sick art, you have no respect at all, after all he has done for you in your childhood..
    you should’ve put a gag in the deer’s mouth

  • Richard Bowser

    funny that people say “you’re gonna burn in hell for this”!! lol! now, if I get this whole belief in Christmas right, and if I get Christianity right, then isn’t worshipping Santa over Jesus, AND worshipping materialism over Jesus pretty freaking EVIL? So, who is going to “burn in hell” here? the so-called “believers” that don’t actually follow the words of their Christ? or some artist that makes a harmless painting? ha! what a world!

  • pe-jota

    Nice work!!!nice pictures!!!

  • bar humbug

    f**king sweat lol , nice picture

  • Dania

    It’s now December 24th 2007 and there’s only 1 shopping day left til Christmas, BUT –

    There’s still time to accept Jesus as your Personal Shopper!!

    Don’t forget that Santa died for your Visa and Mastercard.

    Now hurry up because it’s December 24th and there’s only 367 shopping days left til next Xmas!! (We get an extra day to shop in 2008)

    In AMEX & Visa we owe,

    The Sheeple

  • Jaap

    Damn this is a good picture!!!!!

    Santaclause is drawn so real and dead:P

    I wanna see more where that came from:D

    Quit picking on the guys that drew this, santa aint real anyways!!!!!

    All you guys, have some shitty, santa-less hollidays and a deadly new year!!!! :D

    Satan watches over you all!!!!!!!!!!!

  • smiely

    why did u do this i am a child so ur in big trouble ur the meanest poeple

    i hate u edoits

  • smiely

    u guys r so mean! guess what all the kids r reading this so ha!

  • Tyler Malone

    Bravo! Bravo!!

  • Aphex

    Wow, the ignorance displayed by the provincials is disturbing. This is well done, and counterpoints to the “u r so dum / bad / evel” garbage have been well articulated already. Just my bit of support for you.

  • Proxy

    Well, Santa is an imaginary fantasy figure and not real, so who really cares?

  • Jerry

    Well said, Cairo. Anyway, by the time the kids are old enough to have somehow wandered across this site and found this picture, they’re probably old enough to have already found out their parents lied to them about Santa for all those years – like that’s not a disappointment either? ;)

  • Cairo

    I love how art just riles people up. This is great, and it’s a terrific sentiment, considering Xmas has been so viciously appropriated by the greedy corporations. You should just stick a stake in his chest that reads WALMART or something. Well done!

  • Whatzit2u!

    I just hope this picture doesn’t get into the hands of little kids! things are bad enogh these days without crap like this being freely available! Christmas time is supposed to be special for kids is it not? lets put this crap where it belongs in the bin!

  • fa la la la

    i too agree with the eloquently written words of Xrayspecs.
    This is a piece of art and a successful one. It has caused people to react as most artists strive to do but rarely even get a second glance for their work.
    The artist in this case must be thrilled by the interest you all have taken.
    But from what i can see it is a quite obvious comment on today’s absence of what the “Spirit of Christmas” was meant to be about.
    The commercialization of the season has basically killed off what Santa was to everyone. This work is only meant to communicate or warn us all that the “throw away generation” of today has forgotten about the warmth, the love and to give without the expectation of something in return, true generosity, that is suppose to be shared among everyone at this time of the year.
    Where has this idea gone? why has this died?
    If we want to believe that Santa could never die within all of us, then why is there so much poverty in the world, so much hate, wars and despair.
    This work is very powerful indeed in it’s message don’t you think?

  • hmmm

    i think is twisted yet i like it plus unless a lil kids parents show it to em they won’t see it

  • IHateYanks

    So fucking wot? it’s just some nonce who creeps in to kiddies rooms once a year. trust the fucking septics to get upset – bastards

  • urallidiots

    Are you kidding me whoever drew it is clearly some jackoff who was beaten by thier parents when they were young so they have a bad outlook on life….im really sorry for you i hope you can get the help you need….so dont get so worked up its just a picture from a fucked up wierdo.

  • Xrayspecs

    I have to laugh at Puma – having a go at someone else’s grammar when they use “n e 1” in a sentence…but then maybe they are trying to be ironic? They failed in any case.

    I think most of the people here have taken this picture far too seriously. Get off your high-horses. I very much doubt that kids who still believe in Santa Claus will ever see this picture anyway.

    As far as art is concerned, the picture is drawn very well with fantastic attention to detail. It doesn’t destroy dreams, it’s merely using an iconic figure to cause a little controversy. It happens all the time in the art world – get over it already.

  • Pete D’Angelo

    No Kayla you’re wrong…saying they just broke the hearts of millions is giving these sick freaks way too much credit. Millions of people have never heard of this site and its authors…but they have heard of Santa Claus. So much for him being dead…you sickos take an asprin and have a lie down.

  • Kayla Evans

    OMG!! Santa Claus is always there u cant kill him!! who ever did this has a fucking sick mind!!! and why are his pants missing? R u horny or somthing? anyways you cant make fun fun of santa he is a legend! Real or not you just broke hearts of millions!!

  • Curious

    you sick mother F’s. The world is the way it is because of you sick freaks out there.

  • The puma

    So awesome! I think n e 1 who types like this, “u shud” SHOULD be ashamed of themselves. We know their parents and teachers are! I was also wondering what happened to his pants. Look closely again to see the reindeer on the ground. Maybe he ate the pants. Maybe they passed out after a rough bout of sodomy.

  • Lara

    I think the real question here is, WHERE THE HELL IS SANTA’S PANTS?

  • christmas lover

    who ever did this you will certainly burn in hell for destroying the dreams of little kids andif they see this they will know how you people destroyed their love of santa assholes !!!!! you should be very ashammed of your selves.

  • http://tghdf briana

    why would u do this this is so unreal

  • Reality Check

    Stupid how some people get so idiotic, it’s just a picture of a fictitious caracter that we all know it doesn’t exist, get over it, it is just a USA tradition, other countries have other santas and sdhit like that…Pleasseeeee!!

  • bvn

    you are so gay

  • Roy

    sick fuking freaks..

  • Notebook princess

    Oh my god are you normal?? Santa Claus will live 4ever in everyone of us you can´t kill him with a stupid piccture like that. Shame on you

  • Christmas Hater

    I love this, the attention to detail is superb

  • aninka

    bull shit

  • pari

    the people who have done this…
    are just sick…

    do u know how many wishes and dreams u r killing…
    u shud be ashamed to do such a thing…
    may u burn in hell

  • alexa


  • alexa


  • alexa

    you are dum for doing this. its wrong and mean ———————— SO DUM AND MEAN………….

    • http://jjooommm stupid

      bludy hell