Blood Puddle Pillows

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  • bedstead

    Hmm, there is some difficulties with the first link, as it returns a 404 error.

  • http://dfsdfsdfsdfs fsdfsdf

    Ofcourse its not real you turds!

    You expect the same person to be dead in 2 places… Its a blood pillow… LOL

  • Morsmordre

    It’s MEANT to look like a pillow you complete morons, know why? Because it IS a pillow.
    If any of you plebs actually took a moment to visit the site and read the project goal, you’d understand that the pillow is for amusement, it’s not actually meant to make people scream and cry as the majority of you so obviously desired.

    Some people on the internet really make me fear for the human race..

  • kk

    es una almohada mongos ignorantes

  • alex

    that blood looks like pillow

  • Karen

    U Suck make it look more real u fake Ass

  • siljes

    anyone know where to buy a blood puddle pillows?

  • http://g Dan

    Haha you can tell that is a pillow. But nice try anyways :)

  • matt

    just amagen the shit i could pull

  • Adnan

    Obv That Isn’t Real I can See that the first pic shows the boi on a red pillow!!! I Have one of those!! So Fake!!

    It can also be paint!

  • emi

    that some bad crap man, u can tell it fake but nice try

  • http://tgk1 yenny

    u all suck n can go 2 hell lol j/p

  • dizy


  • Peach

    I don’t think that blood looks real but all my mates r really stupid and they would fall 4 anything! So cool, where can you get them!!!!!

  • Pob

    I think she needs to teach you English first…….

  • mollie

    abbys rite tht would be rite funi ive got this one teacher shes a fukin hore and i think she needs a gd ‘ld frighterin

  • abby

    that’s so awesome! i want one! dude do you know how many people i could trick with one of those things? or bring it to school on your desk and freak your teacher out. ….that’d be cool.

  • Rachel

    It’s a blood PILLOW, of course it’s not real.

  • beth

    The blood is a velvety material.

  • Lovpreet

    Thats not real

  • megan

    that blood doesn’t look real. But i do feel bad for them

  • napalm

    oh , the poor mama’s boy , dead in front of his computer !