Dream Anatomy

Written by Andrea on . Posted in art, Masters

Anatomical imagery proliferated, detailed and informative but also whimsical, surreal, beautiful, and grotesque — a dream anatomy that reveals as much about the outer world as it does the inner self.

Dream Anatomy.


  • mahmoud

    it is very beautiful and genus

  • ser

    It’s good

  • ibhanesbhor mayor

    i want to have more detail about anatomy.

  • http://www.anatomy.com nedu

    i need a heamaphrodite picture

  • Maria

    This is beautiful.
    I saw it at the Body worlds exhibit. I have a magnet of it on my fridge.

    • http://anatomyinfacultyofscince mostafa salah

      that is very nice specially in my faculty (faculty of scince) i love this type of scince which is defined of human body