Undead Ed

Written by Marica on . Posted in stuff

Creepy, irreverent customized toys and figures..


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  • Ruslan

    Что за моральный урод делает такие игрушки?

  • Bruna

    Ohh!! I wish I could have one! :(

  • elsaz

    how sad…..

  • http://undead-art.deviantart.com/ Undead Ed

    hehe Boomkin its scrubs like you that make what I do so much more enjoyable…you are the fuel for my artist fire…I’ll be sure to come back from hell and pull you down with me MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Bekah

    Kool my friend ADORES hello kitty but shes also n emo i wonder wat she would think ^^

  • Boomkin

    Seriously the guy who made this must die, the most horrible way seriously he must die he is nothing more than a sick perverted asshole. I really hope he dies the most horrible way ever. or she or whatever that sick motherfucking fucker asscunt is

  • Clara

    I wouldn’t give it to a kid, of course not, but I really want one. X3

  • Truant

    Becka, excuse yourself.

    who says these are for children?

  • Becka

    im sure if u gave these toys to a child it would not only scar them for life but break their heart..
    what did hello kitty or winnie the pooh ever do to u?

  • nicole

    This is fucking amazing!! So there are sicker people than me out there!

  • anthony

    she is fi

  • bob

    YUK WHO WOULD WANT THAT????????????
    :( :( :( :(

  • Alessandra

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