Angela Singer

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Angela Singer‘s recycled taxidermy…

(thanks Phantasmaphile!)



Spurts, 2006

” …Angela Singer explores the atavistic notion of the hunt, and its trophies. 

…  Singer’s animal trophies evince an almost unbearable sense of realism as antlers are sawn from heads, and skin and fur ripped away from flesh….Contemporary mythologies of the animal are somehow fused with this sense of imminent mourning, along with a renewed curiosity in animal alterity.”

  • damian

    New art work posted on the Angela Singer facebook page

  • dreadlocked ewok

    And the meaning would be stronger with a human body’s copy.

  • jabba the hut

    Why a lot of artists do this sort of works ? Is it fashion ? Is there any chinese corporation that sells so called “masterpieces” to those so called artists?

  • Gabriela

    Creepy, but cute!