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The amazing little people installation by Slinkachu at Nuart…

Flickr set here

(Thanks Reevo at Ektopia for the tip!)






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  • Pedro

    Amazing one. I like it!

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    I love this!! Did a google search for ‘picture framing blog’ and found this. Absolute quality.

  • a3 frames

    What an interesting idea. Some people are so creative.

  • Sofie

    F**ing awesome!

  • Andipa

    We publish the artwork for Slinkachu and welcome you to view his work in the gallery anytime. His work, including new releases “Glory” and “Spilt Milk”, can be viewed at Enjoy.

  • JNgaio

    WOW! How absolutely incredible! Thankyou so much for sharing!

  • yasir

    mind blowing great history

  • Jessica

    wow i love the illustration in a media point of view. The chain of Starbucks symbolises the mass growing businesses and how they are killing all small time businesses and ruining our ecomony.
    brillant work brillant
    but did you also have to use the dramatic deaths of both Bartholomew and Winston’s family and i too lost a limb in another dramatic picture incident however my injury was outside a branch. The deadly mobile phone shops ='[ I will never forget that day. I have never set infront of another phone store again or never see my leg left again. OH THE PAIN THE CRUEL CRUEL PAIN AND IRONY

  • Night

    Good night, bloiggres =)

  • aidil fitri

    fantastic work!

  • Mike101


  • Kate

    I wanna see more pictures! This is like those miniature CSI episodes!

  • Willy

    great details

  • Sherrill L M


  • RC PoP Art

    Awesome! I love this. It’s hysterical! Anyone that finds this “icky” is an idiot.

  • webdesignerdallas

    That is very thought provoking work. I like it.

  • Auyon Riyaki

    a little bit disturbed yet somehow intriguing

  • Moe Moe

    Very bloody, weird, and awesome all at the same time!!
    i was looking for cute animals, definatly not cutw

  • TypeJemoJob

    Good stuff, very nicely done!
    I wish you health!

  • Jessa

    Wow. This is fantastic. Great idea!

  • James Davidson

    Genius! It makes me feel small

  • Kerri

    BIG PICTURE on October 25th, 2007 at 11:51 pm #

    [ I didn’t exactly like it. It was wierd and bloody. The world isn’t supposed to be bloody. There are also to many starbuckses. ]

    The world isn’t bloody yet you, like everybody else, are packed with 10 pints of it. And yes there ARE too many Starbucks. That was the joke.

    Anyway I’ve seen this piece somewhere before but this is the first close look at it and I gotta say, I love the concept. It puts things in perspective: What is WE are the tiny people?

  • Proofreading Services

    Awesome artwork. How did the picture fall, I wonder?

  • Lonnie

    I wonder why the picture fell??????

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  • Cristian Greger

    Nice.. :)

  • Rebecca

    Not only did I enjoy the art, but most of you who posted are clever too. I needed a nice chuckle today. Thanks :)

  • Glen

    I really liked the “art outside the box” & think the “morbid” part makes you see the whole concept stronger than just a PG-rated street scene. The multi-Starbucks were a fun touch.

  • John Dinger

    What’s a real shame is that State Farm is refusing to pay off on this claim due to a specific disclaimer on this kind of mishap.

  • Sincerely Dishonest

    This was upsetting. I was a Starbucks Barista when this horrible accident (although some people believe it was intentional) occurred.


    I didn’t exactly like it. It was wierd and bloody. The world isn’t supposed to be bloody. There are also to many starbuckses.

  • wombat123

    wow, i just saw that the broken picture is of the man in the suit and briefcase who got hit by the glass pointing up into the sky. how clever!

  • Sparkle

    Hahaha this is mad,

    If you wanna check out a funny blog that documents all the weird n crazy shit we do, check it out at , thanks! =]

  • Izabael DaJinn

    I loved this. I love art that thinks outside the box.

  • Forrest

    The second to the last one is really good … there’s a surreal flavor that makes it almost believable.

  • max stout

    friends don’t let friends drive starbucked!!!

  • matt delk

    very cool

  • http://pasteimageurlhere Michael

    That is fantastic! Unfortunately, I am not able to see such wonderful things in person. Thank you internet! I miss the MET…

  • Freyr Njardvik

    Delightful a new perspective!

  • Selwyn Leeke

    What gets me is the string of fried chicken joints in a row. Nice comment on real city centres :)

  • ryan mullin

    This is awesome! I would like to invite you to my new forum..

  • http://URL? Argu Laskji

    Horrid. My entire extended family was captured in a photograph until last fall.

  • Edward Meshuris

    Downright mean! My brother was killed by a huge fly as well!

    Awesome work!

  • Tristan Bergh

    Which starbucks which starbucks which starbucks? how much is the window in the doggie? i love reversals like this.

  • nenso

    i saw something like this in

  • sarah

    i take that back 15????

  • sarah

    there’s actually like 7 maybe 8 starbucks..

  • Ozhan

    Dont forget to visit artist’s blog site for more pictures.

  • Phill Evans

    Little people can’t handle the Big Picture?

  • Rosita

    wow is amazing…all the details and it is a scale hard to work with…

  • Ube Jairm

    Naoh, yaow down’t bay jairm or aill hit yaow both.

  • Bartholomew

    Thank you Winston, for bravely speaking up for the silent masses who find this both insensitive and heart wrenching. I too, had my entire extended family perish when struck with a 15 foot shard of glass from the heavens that fell upon them at the family reunion picnic.

    Art is one thing, but this seems inappropriate and cruel.

  • Winston

    This is terrible. It brings back very painful memories for me. My mother was killed when an eighty-foot-tall picture frame fell out of the blue sky right onto her as she was leaving a cafe.

    If you want to make an artwork about death, at least choose an improbable way of dying, to avoid upestting people who have seen it happen before in real life

  • Alli

    heh, what one misses in these pics is the drunk guy, just in front of the ambulance and police tape, with the emergency cone on his head.

    Too funny.

  • Zachary

    I love this. I find all the Starbucks lined up to be especially funny.

  • Rebecca

    I love this! What even cooler is the picture that wrecks havoc on the poor people is of a small person (or thing) in a big world! Much like a painting within a painting.

  • Tyler

    Oh, I get it; coffee kills?

    Starbucks is killin’ it?

    Killer coffee? Good work. nice detail.

  • Michael

    Amazing, the details are great.

  • http://assdffgh Maddie

    wow that is great it has fantastic details I like how the last one how the ladies leg is like off –haha–

  • Jessica

    I love how there’s four Starbucks in a row, haha.

  • Eric Monse

    That’s rough!

  • Grace

    Delightfully morbid.

    The unrelenting row of Starbucks storefronts is an amusing touch.

  • Dudo

    I like it! You have to be on your knees and almost creeping to see all the little details. Great work! :)

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