Paul McCarthy

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Paul McCarthy‘s works. On view at S.M.A.K. Museum in Gent, Belgium.
‘s a cool and unusual trailer for the exhibition…

Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy sketches an unambiguous image of the ‘Western way of life’. This refers both to the global ‘West’ – the Western world – and to the more specific setting of the West Coast of America or, even more specifically, Hollywood. The following characterisation does not pull its punches: ‘Paul McCarthy is dirty and rotten, sexually hung-up and likes ketchup.’ …

  • Liza Cressey

    I’m searching for some material on Alto Saxaphones and I’ve just stumbled upon this site! A good read which I thought to be of value. I look forward to have more time to take in more.

  • iben elmstrom

    I think his art is very brave. In his work different layers are socially minded and political and he has the ability to make his point so much stronger when represented in his wierd and repulsive universe.

  • T Van Gaer

    Just loved it ,will never forget what i sax,just marvelous

  • napalm

    I’ve visit the exibition . . . great & mad , fabulous