Roadkill toys

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Great stuff at Roadkill Toys.


We make toys with a twist. Toys as dark as the inside of a heifer. And they all have one thing in common. They’ve been run over. We’re calling it Squash-Plush.

  • adam arber

    We’re bringing out a new roadkill teddy next week. His name is Splodge and he’s a runover hedgehog. This time, as well as the body bag and toe tag, he comes with a death certificate and an ‘I love Roadkill’ bumper sticker.

  • Linda Becnel

    Beats Beanie Babies!! By the way, Beenie Babies have a tag on their ears with “date born” and cutsie “name.” Maybe for your guys could add a “date of demise” and “name” (e.g. Roadkill Rocky Raccoon, Armadillo Armagedon, Fido’s Folly, Pepe LePew’s Perguatory!) Could go with that for daze!

  • liz

    don’t we see roadkill enough? do we really need to make toys for it?
    or if you’re gonna make toys, at least break for the real thing….

  • Rayk


  • morgu3

    geniale.. lo voglio!