Alison Brady

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Alison Brady‘s photography…

“When I conceive my images the questions I ask myself are: What is the state of normality? How can that normality be subverted, perverted, or generally transformed? When does this overcome the real and become psychotic?”



  • Questioning

    one of the things i find most fascinating about most pictures of murder or murderous suggestion… why is it always the female who is the victim? Careless tossed about female bodies in media, done by both men and women. The male is always the sociopathic killer. I want to see a high-budget, high-quality film or professional photographs where the female is the killer and does NOT get killed in the end… no repercussions. Our society has indoctrinated us that women are to be vulnerable, the raped, the murdered… what if we turned that around, through art? The invincible female killer… I don’t think men are ready to handle that. They might have to feel afraid walking at night…

  • The photography by Alison Brady


  • elnaz

    i love it…

  • hemaworstje

    so beautiful i could cry like i did when bambi was shot.

  • Dudo

    Impressive pictures on Alison’s website!

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    incredible images