Bambi, bloody Bambi [catwalk edition]

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Lily Allen

Beheaded Bambi is finally a fashion icon, thanks to Bambikiller wannabe Giles Deacon. Parents are proud.
Unfortunately, singer Lily Allen – Glamour Woman of the Year – couldn’t stand its power…

[thanks sydney!]

Giles Deacon

This is what Giles Deacon said in an interview
“I also use the internet for imagery. For instance, I used it to find all the images of Bambi that were out there when I was researching our Who Killed Bambi? print,” he says. “I use the internet mostly for photo research, whatever Google chucks up. I probably use Google Images the most.”

Mmmm. Guess what he found this time?

  • phoebe

    tell me who killed bambi plz i have 2 no x

  • Michelle

    Would you like me to cut your head off and wear it as fashion? Don’t think so.


  • Michelle

    This is stupid, and definitely NOT fashion. How can you were something that shows an animal being killed?


  • mahmood


  • EccentricSage

    So he was planning a line called ‘who killed Bambie’ and he just happened to not know there was a website called that with Bambie being beheaded on it, despite the fact he used google to get the Bambie image…? What a load of bull.

  • matt

    that fucking shirt is so awsome

  • The Dudeguy

    so um…. Who killed bambi anyway??? AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ALL I WANTED TO KNOW WAS WHO KILLED BAMBI!!!

  • roo

    what’s the point of this site. no offense–i just stumbles upon it like two seconds ago and i was just wondering.

  • Maz

    I would be very put off by this.

  • Brandon

    I guess Giles Deacon is not so grand at graphic design… That sucks man! I love your site too!

  • pooyan

    this website is attractive beautiful wildly and fucker.

  • chacho

    who killed bambie rules, internet celebrity seems to be so hot right now… and wkb? seems to earn it just by creating a meme by its own and then leaving it to rot in the runway. YOU RULE!

  • dean

    I dont have a clue how i found this site, nor what its really about – but i love it.

    You should make bloddy bambi t-shirts :)
    I’ll buy one..

  • http://irani negin

    how much is this dress

  • Valentina

    yeah. actually we are…

  • Marina

    LOL, I love you

  • deadmanwalking

    Yeah f**k man total rip off ! i would be very pissed

  • raymi

    LOVE your website

  • Jon

    Aren’t you upset by this?

  • luiz

    nice blog!