Paint or Die but Love Me

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Table design project by John Nouanesing

Paint or Die but Love Me

  • EccentricSage

    If it’s a strong hard red resin over steel (to reinforce it) then it would be a functional table. Beautiful!

  • Dulce

    It´s grat I like it too much!!! How with simple things people can create grat images…

  • andi

    fino! psicopata-master hehehhe

  • Petros

    That’s awesome. I really wonder if it can be produced and be stable and not just a decorative object.

  • RyGar

    It reminds me of the opening credits for American Psycho. Gimme.

  • Carolina Mafalda

    Que looooouco!!
    Eu quero pra mim!!

  • anubis

    Good for Xmas.

  • xHertZx


  • Kane Pickerill

    Only a concept?

  • Jana TheJunction

    This table is amazing. I want it. What a great idea!