Chow Martin

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Amazing drawings by Chow Martin

Chow Martin

  • Nicholas D

    Chow emailed me this link… Can I point out that Chow is just under the impression that I made that comment because the IP is from Toronto (a city of 2.5 million people, the city that we both live in)… I definitely did not make the above comment, I really don’t know why he is soy convinced that I did… I don’t appreciate his assumption and reaction to it.

    Also, I don’t think his work looks like mine.

  • Chow Martin

    Hi Tina K (Nick Digenova) … I would seriously consider a revision of your blog/link posts. If you’ve got something to say, stop hiding behind a pseudonym as a means to direct attention to your work. Pen and ink was not invented by one man. Act your age. You have reason to be insecure!

  • Tina K

    I’m sorry, but this guy rips off Nick Digenova so bad… how could you possibly have his work on here with a straight face?