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Exclusive! Rare Gang interview

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Cristiana just opened a blog. And she had the guts to interview the Gang…

Q: I know it’s boring, but necessary as well. What is ? Just another art blog?(and there’s nothing wrong with it, if that’s the case!) is a work in progress. A visual research about the relationship between art, death and violence. We don’t look for the macabre or the shocking, though. We appreciate irony, style and unconventional approaches in general.

Q: It seems like you find most of your materials surfing online (on art websites or something like that, I suppose, or where?): the reproduction on a computer monitor of a piece of art is something very useful – it gives that same piece of art the possibility to reach most places all over the world – and yet “dangerous” – how many people will content themselves in front of a digital reproduction skipping the real “physical” experience of actually being in front of a piece of art? What do you think about this?
We find stuff mostly surfing on the web, yes, but we also visit a lot of exhibitions. The web gives us the unique chance to get in touch with artists from all over the world, but seeing a photo and being physically in front of the artwork are two very different experiences. But did people stop visiting museums just because they could look at the pictures printed on art books? It happened the contrary: the interest for art has increased. Same is happening with the web.

[full interview here]