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Forensic pillows

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Forensic pillows by Lostcity:

“Forensic means ‘for the courts’. Lost City delved into specific objects that are considered trace evidence at a crime scene. Fascinated by the different shapes, angles, hues, and distribution of blood spatter patterns, the scientific and gothic allure of strands of hair,the intriguing biometric techniques of fingerprinting and DNA analysis, we decided to translate and transform these somewhat macabre but intriguing objects into hand embroidered works of beauty on canvas pillows.”

Stickers: Stuck-Up Piece of Crap

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Stickers: Stuck-Up Piece of Crap. From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art is a book by DB Burkeman with Monica LoCascio, published by Rizzoli.

“Whether you’re a punk, skater, graffiti artist, musician, clothing brand, political activist, fine artist, or just a fan of a band, stickers have always been the perfect way to express oneself. Stickers features approximately 4,000 stickers from the exploding, vibrant world of street art, DIY culture, music, and branding. Cheap, democratic, easy to “tag,” and not always fast to fade, the sticker has been an ever-present medium—from the New York and London underground punk scene to skate culture and political expression. Celebrating the graphics of this street-art medium, Stickers illustrates the timeline of this pastime, from counterculture to politics.
Stickers includes approximately 4,000 sticker graphics organized by categories and themes, with works by such diverse artists as Raymond Pettibon and Jenny Holzer; street artists such as Banksy, Neck Face, and Barry McGee; and amateur artists who “tag” the streets anonymously. With texts from artists and writers, including Swoon, Stanley Donwood, ESPO, Clayton Patterson, Carlo McCormick, and Michael Betancourt, Stickers illustrates not only the visual and social history of sticker art but also the personal relationship that street artists and pedestrians alike have with stickers. The book includes eight sheets of stickers, most of which are original works, by artists such as Barry McGee, Ryan McGinness, and José Parlá.”

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