Gas Mask Ring

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Gas Mask Ring, on sale here.

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  • Dubstep4Life

    The cost is 381.89 USD. In the converter you have to put the Kr amount without the ” , ” you can see that the converter will automatically add the ” , ”  in the conversion. I believe it’s expensive because is made from silver. There is no way of getting this in the US unless is a replica or somebody had bought from the original site and reselling it. These rings are made to order and only in sizes L and XL. Good luck finding a replica!

  • EV

    How much does this cost? A currency converter changed Norwegian Kroner to US Dollars and said it was $00.85 which is obviously wrong.

    • KG

      About US$614 according the converter I used.

  • Kat

    is there any way to get this in the US?