Stefan Gross

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Disturbing plasticine artworks by Stefan Gross:

“‘The world is a serious place these days. This problem I address with my work’ – To do so, Stefan Gross engages with human prctical and spiritual necessity, empoying found objects, rescued toys and childhood memories: the furniture that surroundds us and traditions we hold dear, to recreate a familiar world in wondrous way.”

[via lost at e minor]

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  • Valentina Tanni

    Thanks so much. Amazing works

  • Hblprojects

    Pix from Stefan’s show in Brussels … open til Jan. 29th … list of works available for those not in the Benelux …

  • Whokilledbambicouk

    hi stefan, thank you for making such amazing stuff!

    good luck with your show, send us some pictures, please :-)

    • stefan gross

      Hi there, I hadn’t read the comments a week ago, I hope it is not too late to send you some more pix, here they are, also some more or less abstract work, like the plants and the big sandwich. Thanks a lot for posting and if there are any questions please contact me.

  • stefan gross

    Thx for posting my stuff, till the 29th of january there is my show “Sustainable Trash” on in  Brussels, please check the site: and of course

  • The Gang

    Thanks Jeremy! We didn’t see that work :-) 

  • Jeremy

    Hey, you guys missed the much more “Who Killed Bambi-ish” bits by Stefan Gross: Rebirdy and The Doomies! I posted them here:  I love your site, by the way!

  • toastdead

    love this!!