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Lisa Black

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Lisa Black - Fixed Fawn

Lisa Black is a sculptor, jeweller and artist based in Auckland, New Zealand, born in Australia in 1982.

Her love of animals and their form, combined with a preoccupation with an imminent future where technology and biology are intimately combined, led her to create her ongoing series of modified animals. […]
Her work is a reflection of our undeniable technological progression; seeing animals with carefully integrated mechanical additions encourages us to reassess how we define “natural”.
By creating beauty within this supposed paradox, she challenges the concept of a world separated into the ‘sacrosanct’ natural and ‘vulgar’ industrial.

The ash dress

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The ash dress

Each dress features a hand painted bloody chainsaw on the skirt, with a pocket placed just beneath it. Once your hand is in that pocket- INSTANT CHAINSAW HAND!

The Ash Dress is available for sale at Crissy Baker‘s Etsy shop.

A visit to Aitor Throup’s Studio

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Aitor Throup

“My work is a constant battle between my want to be creatively expressive or explosive whilst at the same time being extremely calculated and literally conceptual. There’s an on-going desire just to draw, paint or sculpt but there’s also this extremely painfully analytical mind. It’s like I suffer from it at times, I can’t switch it off and I have to make sense of everything, the two sides contradict themselves at times.”

The entire interview with Aitor Thorup is available at Style Salvage.

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