Wünderful Stuff

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Müller recently launched a very funny campaign named Wünderful Stuff, built on a simple and effective idea: “stirring a little bit of wünder” into everyday life. And this is exactly the message of the commercial you can see below (made by TBWA\London), where a bunch of cartoon characters, guided by the amazing Yogi Bear, take over a grey city and fill it with fun and colour.

Along with the commercial itself, Müller also posted a couple of interesting videos of the backstage, showing the team at work (filmakers, designers, animators an musicians).

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Samsung Galaxy Note. Feel Free!

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Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy Note, a new kind of smartphone that is designed to meet all your needs. You can use it for work, play, browse the web, take photographs and even write. It has a large and immersive screen but it’s still thin and light (the 5.3″ display is the largest screen size with smartphone portability). But the best feature of this device is the S Pen. Using it provides you with the ability to freely capture and create ideas while you’re on the go. Everywhere.
It’s the most advanced pen input technology, loaded with amazing features like pressure sensitivity, preciseness, speed and more. You can easily sketch drawings or write notes with accuracy and ease.
Take a look at the video below to see how it works!

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Oops! Defy life

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To advertise its brand new smartphone, Motorola hired a very talented guy named Chris Beckman. You may have heard of him because in 2010 he won the Vimeo Awards in the Experimental Category, a competition for short films and videos that experiment with new ideas, forms, techniques, and expressions that are often characterized by the absence of a linear narrative. His video, called Oops,is a collection of “accident” clips sourced from YouTube, seamlessly stitched together via a motif of camera drop:

From suburbia to subterranea, the radically shuffling environs induce a vertiginous yet aesthetically contextual thread—a transcendent, reincarnating POV; our omnipresent Camera—by which, the nature of the ultra-verité videos, eschewing any filmic grounding, plunges the viewer into a relationship of fleeting immediacy w/ its many videographers: a self-portrait at arms length, the digital blur of an obscuring thumb, a disembodied narrating voice.”

Now Chris is at work again and made this brand new video for Motorola DEFY, a phone that is not only “life proof”, but also “boredom proof”! Check the vid below.

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Let happiness be your guide

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When you don’t know, follow what makes you happy!“. This is the jolly claim of the brand new Honda Civic campaign, which is starred by a big smiling dog. In the video below, you’ll see  him enjoying his ride in the back of his owner’s car, facing the wind and feeling great.
Riding in a car in a sunny day is always funny, and most dogs love it, but do you know what makes this dog feel really comfortable? The new Honda Civic interiors, which are designed to close and disappear completely, giving the dog all the space he needs. You can actually try the new seats, and fully understand how they work, by following the link to Honda Civic’s Youtube Channel. There you can also play an online game (if you have a microphone, be sure to turn it on), see the brand new car in every detail, listen to the engineers who made the car. And meet the dog, of course! In a funny, interactive experience (great use of Youtube, btw).
So, this is the lesson the engineers learned while working on the new car model: when you’re not sure about what you should do next, just relax and follow happiness. Besides, not knowing what to do is not a sign of weakness, it’s the door to innovation: “If we never venture into the unknown how do we get anywhere new?


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Meet Camo Bear

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Camo Bear is a very talented animal: he can surf, ski and ride a BMX like a pro. An he also loves photography! This big, funny, camouflage bear is the superstar of a very original viral campaign launching the brand new Nikon COOLPIX AW100 camera, which is shock proof, freeze proof and water proof. If you like adventure, speed, and extreme sports, and you wanna be sure to take amazing shots, this is the definetely the device for you.

But who’s behind the bear costume? Be sure to watch the making of the video to see freestyle skier Julien Lange, bike rider Daniel Americo and surfer Miguel Fortes dressing the part of the reckless, crazy bear…

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