Spread Heads

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Count Ketchup Bottle Topper

Bloody Good Stuff from our Shop: Spread Heads!

Mustard Marvin replaces your mustard cap with his head. Squeezing the bottle will make Marvin drip mustard from his mouth! Fits most standard mustard bottles.

Count Ketchup replaces your ketchup cap with his head. When you squeeze the bottle, you can watch your favorite condiment drip from his fangs all over your food! Fits most standard ketchup bottles.

Gloomy. The Naughty Grizzly

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Gloomy. The Naughty Grizzly is a controversial character designed by Japanese artist Mori Chack:

“GLOOMY” is Pity’s pet bear. His height is about 7 ft. He is well trained…except he has a hard time remembering not to attack humans.”

By the way, if you’re not afraid of him, you can buy a plush version from our shop :-)