Arrow bookends

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“From Robin Hood to The Lord of the Rings, archery has always gone hand-in-hand with literature. Bringing togheter both parts of this diverse history are Arrow Bookends, a pair of magnetic bookends with hidden brackets. Amaze your friends and keep your adventure books upright all at once! Magic.”

You can buy them here.

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Three Ways to Destroy the Universe

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Three Ways to Destroy the Universe

How will the Universe die?
Everybody dies. The universe too? Well, probably. What are the current theories about the end of everything? And how creepy exactly are these theories? (Spoiler: very creepy). But there might be hope…

Philipp Dettmer is an information designer based in Munich, Germany.

‘I lend visual form to complex subjects from all kinds of fields. Using educational film, infographics and illustrations, I strive not only to make knowledge more accessible to audiences, but also to convey memorable insights and reveal new connections within the subject matter’

Three Ways to Destroy the Universe

(via Laughing Squid)