The Alice Suite

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The “Alice” Suite is one of the incredible rooms available at 7 Hotel in Paris. Designed by Paul Mathieu:

“Let your childhood memories, most fantastic ideas and hidden desires overcome you in this marvelous suite, where comfort, aestheticism, luxury and playfulness exist side by side and blend together. The “Alice” Suite, a bit off-the-wall, will satisfy those who love new experiences, curious minds eager to discover one of our Parisian marvels. “

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Pim Wetzels

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pim wetzels

Cute and creepy design bottles by Pim Wetzels:

“In everyday life, we are surrounded by all kinds of shapes and forms. Most people see them for what they are and don’t look any further. Pim Wetzels on the other hand has a different view of the world. He sees characters, different faces and al kind of figures in the things that surround him and uses this fascination as a base for his designs.”

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Bronze on Oil Slick

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Flock reflective bronze, deep-pile velvet Skull motif on an incredible light-catching, iridescent base, using [horribly expensive] ink which changes colour as you walk past it through reds, greens, blacks and golds – like an oil slick in a dirty puddle. Printed to non-woven paper.

Buy it at Wallpaper collective.

A volcano in your living room

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The Other Volcano

“The Other Volcano aims to build a series of semi-domesticated volcanoes, to be housed for a couple of weeks in the living spaces of volunteers. These designed supra-natural objects will be large, reaching almost to the ceiling, imposing, and extremely inconvenient – erupting dust and gloop into the living rooms of volunteers seemingly at random”.

Crazy project by french designer  Nelly Ben Hayoun. The volcano is currently on show in the windows of the Wellcome Trust in London.

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