Lisa Black

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Lisa Black - Fixed Fawn

Lisa Black is a sculptor, jeweller and artist based in Auckland, New Zealand, born in Australia in 1982.

Her love of animals and their form, combined with a preoccupation with an imminent future where technology and biology are intimately combined, led her to create her ongoing series of modified animals. […]
Her work is a reflection of our undeniable technological progression; seeing animals with carefully integrated mechanical additions encourages us to reassess how we define “natural”.
By creating beauty within this supposed paradox, she challenges the concept of a world separated into the ‘sacrosanct’ natural and ‘vulgar’ industrial.

Bungee Jumping Necklace

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Bungee Jumping Extreme Necklace, by milkool on Etsy:

“Did you ever take the plunge? or maybe you were too afraid?
I did the Nevis 134m bungee jump when I backpacked through New Zealand, and I must say that’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done! Even just watching others do it as scary as hell.
So here’s to keeping your eyes open for the bungee jumpers out there! ;-)”