Verbal + Yoon

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Yoon + Verbal

For Dr. Martens 50th Anniversary, Verbal + Yoon cover The Runaways’ Cherry Bomb. The music video is directed by Yue Wu.

A member of the famed Japanese hip hop collectives m-flo and TERIYAKI BOYZ®, owner of a jewellery label and a celebrated street fashion icon, it’s clear that the creative influence of VERBAL and wife Yoon, know no boundaries.
Musically, VERBAL made a name for himself in 1999 as a member of the Japanese contemporary act m-flo. Together with DJ Taku Takahashi, they racked up five studio albums over the course of seven productive years. Each of them reached the Top 10 of the Japanese charts and cemented their standing as major players in the music field.


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Jarbas Agnelli created this incredible music video for the Brazilian pop band Pato Fu:

“We scanned all the instruments and props on an big X-ray machine, and then modeled and rendered everything with CG. Since we couldn’t put the musicians in the machine (the career of the band would end abruptly), we filmed everyone on green screen, at the same time capturing their movements with a motion capture system. We then genereted CG skeletons, and applied over the footage.”

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