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Juan Gatti

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Juan Gatti - De ciencias naturales

Commercial photographer, graphic designer and art director, the work of Juan Gatti includes anatomy drawings of the human body in combination with the taxonomy of plants and exotic animals.

Thomas Robson

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Amazing works by Thomas-R: “Exploring the role of Artistic Provocateur, attacking the boundaries between graphic design & fine art by subverting and re-contextualising imagery with dramatic visual interventions. Confronting and critically re-appraising imagery in a visually saturated world.”


Eyeball Lunch Bag

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“In many office environments, things tend to go missing. This happens a lot, unfortunately, in an office refrigerator. The easiest method of making sure your junk stays safe and untouched is to keep an eye on it. And, for those times where it’s physically impossible to always watch it yourself, we’ve found this Eyeball Lunch Bag to keep an eye on your lunch at all times. Get it?”