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The Lemon Shark Juicer

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The Lemon Shark Juicer

The Lemon Shark Juicer by Archie McPhee:

“The Lemon Shark Juicer got its name from juicing lemons, but there is an actual lemon shark. When you see an actual lemon shark underwater, its skin looks yellow and pitted like a lemon. The Lemon Shark juicer is a beautiful white porcelain shark on a 5-1/4″ porcelain dish, perfectly placed to squeeze the juice out of lemons and other citrusy fruit.”

The Lemon Shark Juicer

Garden Fresh

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Garden Fresh is a photo series by Agan Harahap:

“Garden Fresh series investigates the shifting boundaries between humans and animals in today’s environment and the complex relationship between art and nature. It is like a fable about a journey undertaken by the animals when they venture into our daily lives. The animals are confronted by a new reality that is in conflict with their natural habits and habitats.”

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