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Matthieu Bourel

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Matthieu Bourel-gift-influence

Matthieu Bourel‘s collages: personal website and tumblr

“Matthieu Bourel’s work also extends to the digital medium, with animated gif and digital collages. This way, he points out, you don’t need the physical material, you can easily express an idea – while in some cases making the images even more alive. Still, his preferred material remains paper, with which he feels he has a beneficial limit, a true, physical contact.” Read the complete interview here.

Matthieu Bourel - gift influence

Matthieu Bourel - Man Ray Tribute

Matthieu Bourel - Woman under influence

Matthieu Bourel

Joris Kuipers

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Joris Kuipers‘ installations are inspired by bodily cross-sections from MRI scans and CT scans:

“Joris Kuipers’ works find their origin in historic, scientific and/or anatomic sources ranging from the woodcuts by Andreas Vesalius to CT-scans, MRI-scans, autopsy images and the plastinations by Gunther von Hagens. As in medical practice, Joris dissects the body layer by layer. After this fragmentation, the body is rearranged in a non-rational manner, in order to reveal emotional significance.”


Detoxication-V detoxication-raw oo-Detocication-XI