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Make with a Red Stripe

Written by Valentina on . Posted in advertising, music, sculpture, video


Making something out of nothing“. Isn’t it the secret of true creativity? In the video below you can see sound artist Yuri Suzuki (he’s one of the coolest media artists around, be sure to check his other works too) together with various musicians and DJs, making a huge sound music sculpture out of… trash! Dozens of beer cans, partly collected at this year’s Notting Hill carnival, have been used to build the red sound machine, and the result is simply stunning. The can machine has been then used to entertain the crowd with some good dubstep beats…
The video is part of an ad campaign launched by the beer brand Red Stripe. Make with a Red Stripe, this is the title, is a series of cultural projects cel­ebrating the DIY culture of the brand’s Jamaican roots.

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