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Bone Pistol Set

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bone pistol set

Fine art pistols of Bruce Mahalski.

I started collecting shells, fossils and bones when I was very young. – Bruce says – My parents were both scientists who had collections of their own and we traveled quite a bit overseas so there were always opportunities to pick up interesting stuff.

Since 1997 Bruce Mahalski has had exhibitions of his art work in a range of media including screen-printing, photography, painting and sculpture. In one of his latest shows – ‘Enviromental’ at the Exhibitions Gallery in Wellington (2010) he has used bones, shells and fossils from his collection to manufacture a series of enviro-spiritual sculptures inspired by his love of Pre-European Pacific Art.

bone pistol_01

bone pistol_02

bone pistol_03

bone pistol_04

bone pistol_05

Biomimicry shoe

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Biomimicry shoe is a project by Marieka Ratsma in collaboration with Kostika Spaho

Nature could serve as a source of inspiration for a new way of designing. If we learn from its experience in the field of design, processes and lifestyles, we can develop intelligent systems, ingenious products and effective partnerships. Nature can also prove highly inspiring in the field of fashion. Above all, she can teach us to make more efficient use of materials and smarter constructions [ ]





(via Anatomy UK)

Emma Montague

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Emma Montague

Jawbone-style sunglasses by Emma Montague

“Emma was inspired by the relationship between the shape of the jaw bone and sunglasses when she put her Ray Bans down beside a mandible (as you do!). The result are a beautiful series of sunglasses made from black horn, the jaw bones of deer and acetate. They are the byproduct of trophies and in the collection, Emma marries luxury and decay and the raw with the refined”
Quoted from NOTCOT