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Alejandra Villasmil

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Extreme Makeover, a series by Alejandra Villasmil:

“This series deals with notions of beauty, archetypes and transfiguration. I transform the naturally beautiful women portrayed in the covers of vintage Chilean fashion magazines into unsettling fictional and mythological characters to depict –humorously- the monstrous, the exotic, and the sensually feminine.”

Jennifer Murphy

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Jennifer Murphy’s artworks…

“This work is often called gothic, fantastical, surreal. And yes, it is often some or all of these things. But one thing you don’t always hear it called is psychedelic – at times phenomenologically dazzling, but more important: involved in an open question about material, representation, perception, and consciousness. It is this level of subjective complexity that allows the work to radically complicate image, presentation, representation, and narrative, and yet to take pleasure in it all.”

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Gordon Magnin

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Gordon Magnin‘s portfolio:

“These activities may interfere with your appreciation of this work:
-Consulting a lawyer
-Trimming your lawn
-Balancing your checkbook
-Shampooing and Conditioning your hair
-Joining a video buyers club.
-Becoming an officer of the peace”