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Jeffery Scott

Written by Valentina on . Posted in photography

“A skilled digital artist, Jeffery Scott blends layers upon layers of virtual matter to create scenes that seem to materialize directly from the subconscious – a complex method that allows him to reach greater depths than with other mediums. Deconstructed cyborgs, baroque human drama and classic erotica are the principal themes of Jeffery Scott’s oeuvre and each category includes dozens of striking images telling individual stories.”

Some of his prints are available here.

Sushiborg Yukari

Written by Andrea on . Posted in art, video


“In the tradition of Nyotai Mori, an age old Japanese practice of serving Sushi on naked women, Sushiborg Yukari is a cyborg designed to serve Sushi on her rotating belt, entertaining over-worked Japanese businessmen in their after-hours.

When Yukari’s programmed intelligence develops enough to understand her functionality as a sex object, she struggles to accept her role – slowly, Yukari attaches knives to her own body, modifying herself to become a lethal weapon, plotting to one day escape the Sushi restaurant she now feels captive with in…”

A project by Sputniko! (Hiromi Ozaki)