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PyroPet is a family of animal shaped candles that each reveal a surprise within as they burn.
The first PyroPet product is a cute little cat called Kisa, a cute cat shaped candle reveals the wild beast inside her, a grinning metallic skeleton with fire blazing in her eyes…




Check out wome behind-the-scenes (and the video) on Kickstarter.
Kisa it’s available for presale here.

Ammo Crate Sidetable

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Ammo Crate Sidetable

Previously carrying night warfare equipment to help locate the enemy, this solid wooden ammo box, with its heavy rope handles on both ends & solid locking mechanisms once stored 6 x 81mm Illuminating mortar bombs.
Now with its tapered wooden legs, it is geared up to function as a side table and can store any of your utilities.

Available for sale at Recreate

Fall of the Damned

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Fall of the Damned by Luc Merx

A dramatic, pendant lampshade, shaped into a classic image of guilt and morality. From a distance, The Fall of the Damned appears to be an organic and intricately textured ornament. Upon closer inspection it is revealed as a mass of naked bodies, reminiscent of Dante and Rubens, fused together in agonizing beauty.

The Fall of the Damned pendant lampshade, by designer Luc Merx, is available for sale at Generate Design.

The Anatomically Correct Chair

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These pieces make reference to Memento Mori, a theme often depicted in art and Classical antiquity. They are luxuriously over stuffed offering a Bourgeois comfort, borrowing from the look of Victorian parlor furniture. They convey an air of humour and of the bizarre
The chairs are old pieces fully reconditioned and upholstered. As a process this allows me to embroider a new history into them and makes each one slightly different. The shape of the chair allows the print to flow into the chair structure, giving a figurative character and seeming to personify the piece. The images are sourced from old medical journals. They are adapted and then digitally printed.

By Sam Edkins, buy here.

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