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Chris Brett

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Schermata 2010-12-05 a 18.54.03

Chris Brett‘s paintings come with a “slightly goofy and jaded sense of humor, a laugh to keep from crying sense of mania in rich color and dark tones. A reaction to the good & bad things that life can sometimes hand you…”

I f*cking hate spring

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I f*cking hate spring, by Ariel Hammer…

“Spring time is stereotypically thought of and commercially displayed as a time of happiness and re-growth. (paired with a nauseatingly cheery pastel pallet.) To me spring is an allergy ridden, extension of winter. Droll, stressed, and consistently sick of routine I directed America’s favorite spring mascot to interpret the season how I see it. Beneath the chicks, excess of candy, pastel Easter eggs, and blooming flowers lays my melancholy, desolate, exhausted feelings toward spring.”