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Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter

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“Gingerbread men are a delicious holiday cookie, but the ones we make have a twist. The cookie cutter we use, you see, cuts a wee little man shape out of your rolled gingerbread dough, while the other side presses a cutesy little skeleton into the surface. The finished cookie looks like a Gingerbread x-ray. A GingerDEAD man, if you will.”

You can find Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter on Thinkgeek.

Zombie Attack Hoodie

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Brand new from Thinkgeek, the Zombie Attack Hoodie:

“For defending oneself during the upcoming zombie apocalypse, we highly recommend a hoodie. Layering is key. One minute you’re going to be running, next minute you’re going to be hiding in a cold, dark corner. It pays to have layers.”

Plush Microbe Holiday Ornament Set

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The holidays are coming, and with them loads of family, gifts, food, and, most of all, microbes. They are on the lips of the aunt who insists on kissing you (luckily, without tongue). They are on the presents (on every layer from wrapping to the gift itself), thriving. They make some of your favorite foods have such delicious tastes. And most of all, they are on your holiday plant of choice. At least, they will be once you pick up a
Plush Microbe Holiday Ornament Set!