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Hubbawelcome Valentine’s Day Cards

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I love you so much range

Hoxton-based art collective Hubbawelcome have taken their off-the-wall brand of humour from street art to the shelves of Scribbler stores, with their limited run of “I love you so much” Valentine’s Day greeting cards.
The cards feature earnest looking young chaps, professing their love for one another in funny, unique and rather disturbing ways. Some of which include; making clothing from a loved one’s pubic hair and preserving farts in Tupperware containers.
The cards are available at Scribbler stores across the UK from February.

I love you so much range 1. Picofyourfaceinmy_UNDIES 2. Savedoneofyour_FARTS 3. Ateyour_BANDAIDS 4. CAT_lookslikeyou 5. Madeavestfromyour_PUBES