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Matryoshka Zombie Nesting Dolls

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Matryoshka Zombie Nesting Dolls
: “This set nesting dolls has an undead twist: they’re all zombies! The biggest one is holding a recently severed foot, the second wields a chainsaw, the third is missing a hand, the fourth is a girl screaming bloody murder, the fifth is a propeller beanie wearing boy holding a severed arm, and the sixth is the baby with hands already covered in blood. They range from the baby at 30mm (a little over an inch) to the severed foot zombie at 114 mm (about 4.5″) in height. They’re really cute, but probably too gory for the wee geeks unless you raised ’em on horror flicks.”

I’m fine. A wounded t-shirt

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“I’m Fine. No Really, I’ll live. Ok, so maybe not. Whether you want to feign a zombie attack or just get some crazy stares, the I’m Fine. shirt will do it fore you. And did we mention the best part? The blood wraps around to the back of the shirt!”

On sale here.

Zombie Dash Board Game

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Zombie Dash Board Game

“Zombie Dash is a light strategy game for fans of zombie apocalypse action. The board features a city street and your goal is to keep your Human token ahead of the Zombie token that’s hot on your heels. The deck features Human Run cards and Zombie Chase cards, which move the humans and zombies down the street. The winner is the last human standing or the first one to reach the safe zone. Great for parties, game nights, or any time you want to pretend you’re doing cardio.”