Aitor Throup

Written by Marica on . Posted in fashion, illustration

Shiva oufit by Aitor Throup, one of the most talented upcoming fashion designers and a great illustrator too…


  • EccentricSage

    I love the illustration, and the fabric skulls are very detailed… but the fact the skulls are just strapped on with plastic straps instead of emerging from the suit just ruins it. And the suit it’s self looks like shit.

  • Painters

    I agree, I don’t think you can pass a statement on any artwork until you know exactly what its about. I used this artist as research for my degree work because of how he incorporates sculpture into his work.

  • m

    The heads are actually made from material, and I think it incredible – his work is way more than fashion – he incorporate art and sculpture into his work…find out the meaning behind this bob and then make a comment…

  • Bob

    That isnt fashion! Its a suit with plastic heads strapped to it. PATHETIC!

  • ambi

    guess whos bak, bak again,weirdo’s bak, tell a friend