Andrea Natale


Name: Andrea Natale
Alias: Mr. Xmas
Position: boss
Born: February 8, 1973
Place of Birth: Taranto
Nationality: Italian
Sex: male
Hair: brown
Eyes: always open
Height: 6′ 0″
Weight: 165 pounds
Build: medium
Race: white
Complexion: light
Scars and Marks: Andrea has three surgical scars on his forehead and three tattoos on left foot, right hip, inside of his right biceps
Perversion: buying absurd and absolutely useless domain names

In 2001 he arrived in Modena with his huge ego, his cloth cap, the favourite mug.
Avid blogger since 2002, Andrea grew up eating lots of Spam and smoking thousands of cigarettes. Haunted by a weird medieval obsession, he spends too much time in vain attempts to apply the Fibonacci sequence to a virtual rabbit breeding.


  • Vale vale

    Sono la figlia di uno di quei “pavidi e docili coniglietti”,sto tramando vendetta dal 200 (in quanto” piatto che va servito freddo”)……La mia perversione?Sodomizzarti con una carota gigante…….

    • vale vale

       Dal 2006,fottuta tastiera…..

  • Matt Rhys-Davies

    That’s an awesome picture. If a little terrifying.