About us

“A dangerous criminal gang is riding the net. They act in the dark, exploring the most sinister places, in search for the bloody heart of talent and creativity. Their favourite victims are banality, conformism, lack of humor and good will at any cost. Killing Bambi is a good metaphor for their mission. They are unarmed, actually, but they can still hurt. So be careful…”


Who Killed Bambi first appeared on the web in 2007, presenting itself only with the misterious statement quoted above. In addition, three mug shots of the site’s owners, along with their weird, fictional, criminal records (you can still find them here: Andrea, Valentina, Marica).

As you can easily understand by browsing the site’s content, the main focus of the blog is contemporary art, in the most wide sense of the word (including visual arts, music, photography, fashion and design).
We don’t have any particular love for death, blood or skulls, but we do like provocative artworks, and we are deeply interested in how death and violence are perceived and represented by today’s creative minds. And of course, we support emerging artists!

The site is updated daily and has a growing following in the creative arts community.


The blog was founded and is run by Andrea Natale (account manager and web designer) Valentina Tanni (art critic and curator) and Marica Zottino (graphic and textile designer, fashion forecaster). At the moment, we are all based in Italy.



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