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Hard times for cartoon heroes…



  • http://budiadinugroho.blogspot.com budi

    hey..it’s suprising me..i’m doing the same method now on my artwork..
    it’s a global issues than..
    great job

  • EccentricSage

    It’s hilarious. Though I was rooting for Daffy. Buggs is a jerk. I wonder if they have more provocative versions of the Buggs Bunny In Drag images from that one episode…

  • http://bullyingunitec.blogspot.com Dulce

    I didn´t like this images, because always I´ve seen the looney toones as sweetie… but think about the children who see this kind of scenes… but it´s your opinion and I´ll respect it.

  • melomano

    uuuhhh… that’s great!!!

    greetz from germany


  • http://esferonaifa.blogspot.com Luis Pacheco

    That’s what i call violent cartoons!

  • http://www.teaessare.blogspot.com/ Teaessare

    Brilliant. It’s barely shocking as those cartoons were so violent to begin with.

  • http://www.struppig.de/vigilien/ spalanzani

    I love Bugs even more now.

  • http://dietoondie.com Jerry

    Daffy had it coming.