Shi Jinsong

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Reallllly dangerous baby stuff by Shi Jinsong

Shi Jinsong

Shi Jinsong

  • yontataye

    Love it, great piece of art and personally, I sometimes wish I had one like this!!

  • Toni

    Thank you for the gratuitous sarcasm, anonymous. Personally, I think this stuff is a hoot. They’ll keep the little buggers quiet.

  • anonymous

    What kind of irresponsible person would buy these for a child?!
    These should be banned at once and the person responsible for their creation should be burned at the stake.

    • Anonymous

      What kind of stupid person would think this was actually meant to be used by a child?! You and your Inquisition thoughts shall be the ones to be burned for even be living in this world. You, ignorant… you are the example of what can make this world better just with the lack of your existence. This is art, to be exposed, to be admired! Go and born again.

  • Camilo


  • janice

    reminds me of the adam’s family baby bedroom.

  • Rodrigo Amatante

    is mara