Winnie the Pooh Mental Disorders gifs

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Mental disorders by Matthew Wilkinson. These gifs are brilliant and unbearably sad at the same time…

[via dangerousminds]

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  • Jacob

    That’s cute, but I get really tired of people complaining about the cruel tyranny of those mean doctors and their diseases. They should try living under the cruel tyranny of someone with a serious mental illness.

    • Annie

      Get over it…..Ive suffered from disablitating mental illness for 40 years. If you cant laugh at it it will win.

  • Frito

    Christopher Robin more likely has Peduncular hallucinosis —

    He doesn’t have the disordered thinking or irregular emotions of a patient with schizophrenia, his ‘hallucinations’ are harmless, he is not paranoid or dysfunctional and other than interacting with the ‘hallucinations’, he is very clearly set in reality.

  • Biff

    Forgot about co-dependent/helicopter mom Kanga and workaholic Gopher.

    • HernO

      you’re so right

  • Vinicius

    É verdade, seguindo a lógica o tigrão é tdah

  • Anonymous

    Can be used in a blog?Are the gif free of charge?

  • Valentina


  • Will

    What about tigger? ADHD?

    • Fab

      ADHD is the Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

      • Ted

        I always pegged Tigger as having bipolar disorder. He has several depressive episodes mixed with a lot of manic periods.

        Roo has ADHD.

  • Anonymous

    he did pooh ate to much he got stuck in rabbits front door