Teddy Bear Blood Bag

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Teddy Bear Blood Bag, designed for pediatric transfusions by Dunne & Raby

[via lustik]

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  • Soleil

    I’m an industrial design student, so when I saw this, I both cringed and nodded in approval. I see where it was going for the whole teddy bear comfort appeal… but honestly, I find it a bit unsettling and sadistic.
    As far as design goes.. It’s completely inefficient. The blood would pool in places like the hands and foot. With a transfusion as precious as blood, you really want to get as much bang for your buck, per se, and be able to use every drop in the bag. Perhaps a better design, structurally, would be of a simple classic heart-shape. The fluid (be it blood or otherwise) would flow completely to the bottom and thus fully effective. The shape of a heart is also comforting as it stands for love and care… And that way, kids won’t think that their teddy bears, too, are filled blood.