Mario YOUCH Piranha Plant Earrings

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Those Piranha Plant earrings by lizglizz are simply brilliant!!!

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  • GKFashionStore

    Wow, what an unique ear-rings looks on! I am damm sure girls will love your collection of ear-rings products,. It looks awesome I will make sure to calculate them for my new products once I’m updating with my current store.

  • Andrew James


  • Protos Bisuteria

    so original!!!

  • Hokuloa Uilani

    Where Can I Get These I LOVE them , They’re So Unique<3

  • The Gang

    The shop is on Etsy ( but I think they are sold out. 

    Maybe you can try to write to the shop owner via the same page

  • Npoulos1992

    where could i buy these?

  • Shapewear

    Where could I order one of these?!

  • Sherry

    Where to buy it????