Pim Wetzels

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pim wetzels

Cute and creepy design bottles by Pim Wetzels:

“In everyday life, we are surrounded by all kinds of shapes and forms. Most people see them for what they are and don’t look any further. Pim Wetzels on the other hand has a different view of the world. He sees characters, different faces and al kind of figures in the things that surround him and uses this fascination as a base for his designs.”

[via notcot]

Jessica Stoller

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Figurative ceramic sculpture by Jessica Stoller.

From the artist’s statement: “I use this historic process to create intricate figurative ceramic sculptures that challenge and explore notions of idealized femininity. I cast, sculpt and create wayward and transgressive female figures. Incorporating period fashion, powerful historic women, and imaginative scenarios my works deals with notions of costume, sexuality and the subjugation of the female body. The notion of the decorative as weak and inherently female is subverted as the figures depicted are purposely innocent and sexual, self sacrificing and violent, powerful and unaware of the power they posses.”