Fritz Kahn

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Dr. Fritz Kahn (1888–1968) was a Berlin based gynaecologist and popular science writer who visualized the structure and function of the human body in a very unique way.


“The biology of smelling a roast: pictorial representation of the processes that occur in a man’s head between the sensation of
smell and the ‘reflectory’ salivation.”


“The basic forms and functions of the bones and joints in man’s body are very similar to our own architectural and technological constructions.”


“Man is right-handed and right-speaking because he is left-brained. We speak, write and handle objects using our left side of the brain. The nerve fibers cross over in the spinal marrow of the neck. The right half of the brain is—relatively—lacking in centers and, so to speak, largely empty.”

(Text and images © Fritz Kahn)