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Pilule Bag by Christian Louboutin

Written by Andrea on . Posted in fashion

Christian Louboutin - Pilule Bag

Christian Louboutin celebrates 20 years of iconic designs with a capsule collection compiled of favorite pieces from decades past. The Pilule”,  constructed in 100% resin, returns with the capsule collection. Produced in very limited quantities, this is your daily dose of Louboutin and it is just what the doctor ordered.

Available here for $ 6,995

Eyeball Lunch Bag

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“In many office environments, things tend to go missing. This happens a lot, unfortunately, in an office refrigerator. The easiest method of making sure your junk stays safe and untouched is to keep an eye on it. And, for those times where it’s physically impossible to always watch it yourself, we’ve found this Eyeball Lunch Bag to keep an eye on your lunch at all times. Get it?”

Tea Bag Coffin

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“Where Do tea bags go to die?. Usually squashed on the side of the saucer next to the cup, or if you have a little less decorum the table will probably be just fine. Jonas Trampedach has been observing the behaviour of tea drinkers and has evidently been learning a lot. Consequently he has developed a solution to the bag dilemma that is as simple as it is ingenious. With the ‘Tea bag Coffin’, the drinker can tidily bury the bag under the cup and out of the way. RIP.”

Tea Bag Coffin, by Designer Jonas Trampedach for Yankodesign