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Stephanie Metz

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Teddy Bear Natural History, a project by Stephanie Metz
I’m totally in love with those felted skulls!!

“Teddy bears at first appear trivial. They are toys—playthings for children and symbols of innocence, comfort, and nostalgia. But the teddy bear is also a metaphor for the way humans manipulate the natural world to our own ends. The teddy bear is an idea: a docile, cute, friendly invention far removed from the wild animal that inspired it. I create teddy bear anatomical specimens with a pretense of realness to emphasize the artifice of a familiar but unconsidered subject (…) The anatomy of the teddy bear is wholly planned by its creator to appeal to the biological response of human adults to care for their cute, round-featured, helpless babies. The manufacture of teddy bears is a blueprint for bioengineering trends that are taking place today—without the biology.  But the sharp canine teeth in a teddy bear skull serve as a reminder that nature can only be tamed to a point.”

(via streetanatomy)

Ursulus solicitudo disneyus

Ursulus ludos exercitus

Ursulus prolixus

Ursulus parvolus 10-08