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Francisco Reina

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Francisco Reina‘s photographic project “Strauss’ Legacy” (2009)…

“Strauss’ Legacy” is an approach toward the darkest side of human nature. It is a journey through the disastrous consequences that come about when people who, for the sake of political and economic interests and in the struggle for power, make decisions that have irreversible effects on other humans without the slightest concern for those who bear the brunt of their actions.”

We Are Ze Presidents political t-shirtz

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“They respect nothing, have no values, except those in their stock portfolio
and are rewarded with mind-boggling bonuses, despite their deplorable actions.
They are the presidents. In three words, “They **** us.”

By purchasing one of these tshirts, you will also help support many non-profit organizations that every day try
to repair the consequences of Ze President’s actions.

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