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Incredible sculptures  by Dan Lane, a.k.a. Mechanica:

Each piece is the result of months of searching and collecting parts and features.  I then employ a unique and meticulous technique of arranging and rearranging hundreds of parts that can take countless hours.  The end result is a dark yet beautiful take on natural forms by mechanical intervention; an industrial version of life.
Through my use gears, cogs, pipes, wires, bracketry, and other mechanical elements it allows the sculptures to take on a new form as though coming to life.”

mechanica See-No-Evil-Mechanical-sculpture-art1 Tethered-mechanical-sculptur-art Twins-mechanical-sculpture21

Kidult “Exstinctor” Sculpture

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Kidult Exstinctor Sculpture Misery Edition

The Exstinctor propaganda project aims solely at destroying the notion of commodity.
Just like graffiti, my work is public, and not private. NoGalleryNoMaster was created so that we can choose and select how my work is sold and distributed, in accordance with very specific criteria.
We will refuse any sale or collaboration involving galleries, institutions or any other for-profit artistic entities, which enables me to keep unrestrained artistic vision, independence and freedom.”
More infos at Hypebeast.

Kidult Exstinctor Sculpture Misery Edition