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Robert Lazzarini

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 The distorted, fascinating and  somehow disturbing sculptures by Robert Lazzarini

wiew works at Deitch Gallery or on his personal site

“Robert Lazzarini’s sculptures are at once rigorously formal and intensely expressive. As distorted versions of familiar objects, they appear in the process of slipping- from three to two dimensions, from realism to abstraction, from this world to the next. Products of a dense and innovative process, his works seem both real and unreal: their striking immediacy is belied by a quality of ghostliness, as if they were hardly there at all.-

John B. Ravenal, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, VMFA, 2004.”




Alison Brady

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Alison Brady‘s photography…

“When I conceive my images the questions I ask myself are: What is the state of normality? How can that normality be subverted, perverted, or generally transformed? When does this overcome the real and become psychotic?”



Josh Keyes

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“Few contemporary artists portray animals with the empathy of Josh Keyes. At once meticulous and fantastic, poignant and absurd, Keyes’ carefully crafted drawings and paintings depict animals isolated dramatically in fragments of their natural environment, overrun with shards of man-made artifice and debris. Seemingly lost and stranded in their dreamlike stage sets, they look like characters in some existential drama written by a modern-day environmentalist Samuel Beckett.”
[George Melrod, Art Ltd West Coast Art and Design]